October hay inventory

Most of our hay is 4 X 5 Net Wrapped using a Vermeer baler and a wheel rake. Our round bales average 850 lbs or more. We bale the hay at a low moisture content to insure no mildew or mold in the bales. We are putting up some hay in 4 X 4 net wrap to see if there will be a market for 450 lb round bales, for people using smaller tractors.

This has been a good year for hay production and we have an over abundance of coastal mix big round bales. This is good cow hay that has a few weeds in it due to the late first cutting this year. We have dropped our price on this hay to 30 dollars a round bale. We can have this hay delivered by Shocker Ag, at 46 round bales per load.

Our Tifton 85 which has been sprayed and fertilized has come in very well. We have sold most of the first cutting but have about 50 round bales left. We have dropped the price down to 45 dollars a round bale to clear it out in preparation for the last cut of the year. We will be cutting the Tifton 85 the 1st week of October and will have a couple hundred round bales to sell at 50 dollars a bale. Once again this is good, clean Tifton 85 that has been sprayed for weeds and fertilized at 220 lbs per acre September 3rd.

We still have some very clean unfertilized coastal that has been tested at 8.5% protein we are selling at 35 dollars for a 4×5 round bale.

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